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Deals on flights, vacation packages, hotels, airport services, and insurance | Save big with Mango Tours

Effective March 22 until April 21, 2021, Filipino citizens and returning overseas Filipinos with a PH passport will be allowed to enter the Philippines, together with their foreign spouses and children provided that they have a valid visa. For more information, please call us at 1-866-262-6452.

Restricted Items

Transporting Liquids

Liquid restrictions on hand baggage normally apply to all boarding customers at airports around the world. In order to ensure that the liquids you bring on board comply with international regulations, please make certain that they are packaged and transported in the following manner:

* All liquids, gels and aerosols, pastes, lotions, creams, drinks and other items of similar consistency must be in containers with a capacity no greater than 100 ml. Those carried in containers larger than 100ml will not be accepted, even if the container is only partially filled.

* These containers must be placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a maximum capacity not exceeding one liter. Larger bags or bags that are non-sealable, such as fold-over sandwich bags, are not allowed

* Exemptions will be made for medications, baby milk or foods, and special dietary requirements, but you will need to show an appropriate means of verifying the nature of these items.Please note that these liquid restrictions may prevent you from taking duty free liquid goods past transit security screening points.

Sports Equipment and Musical Instruments

Sports equipment and musical instruments are subject to the same size and weight restrictions as other forms of cabin baggage. However, it is possible to transport these items on a separate, paid-for seat in the cabin.

Dangerous Goods

These are classified as items or substances that may pose health and safety hazards to customers. The transport of these goods is regulated by Civil Aviation Regulations, and they are generally not allowed in either cabin baggage or checked baggage.

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